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It’s a question that comes up again and again “Why should I lease a Jetta, it’s throwing money away” or “If I lease a Passat, I’ll never own it”. The reality is that neither one of these statements is 100% accurate. More people than ever before are choosing to Lease a VW instead of a traditional finance or cash purchase. And here’s why people elect to go with VW leasing:

  1. Is it throwing money away? No, leasing a VW is definitely not throwing away your hard earned money. You are essentially paying for the depreciation of the vehicles value over a set period. The amount you can buy the car for is called the “Residual” amount. Unlike a traditional finance purchase at the end of the term you can decide if you’d like to continue and purchase the VW you have been driving or get something else. You can compare this to the market value for the vehicle and make a smart decision about whether the amount is reasonable.
  2. You won’t own it? Well in all honesty that’s true, the Title of Ownership belongs to the loan provider, which is also the case if you are financing it. So in that sense, VW leasing is NO different to the traditional finance purchase method.
  3. What if the car is a total loss? ALL VW Credit leases come with GAP insurance included so again, just like a traditional purchase your loan provider would be paid off even if your insurance does not pay the full balance.
  4. Isn’t insurance higher? No. Insurance rates should be the same as a regular purchase with the same levels or cover and deductibles.

What About Lease Mileage Overages?

All VW leases still come with a mileage limit; however, the good news is that you can set that to your driving habit and lifestyle up front. If you go over your limit, you can buy more miles during your lease or pay the overage at the end for $.20 per mile.

At Jim Ellis Volkswagen Kennesaw, we want you to be comfortable in your newly leased vehicle, be it an Atlas, Touareg, Jetta, or Passat. Our Finance Department prides itself on its ability to help anyone and everyone find the right rate for your newly leased vehicle. Stop on by today if you’re a driver from Atlanta, Marietta, Woodstock, Rome, Roswell, Acworth, Kennesaw, Smyrna, or Canton so that we can help you drive off in a new VW lease today!

Frequently Asked Questions About VW Lease Offers

Our lease deals are ideal options for families and solo drivers alike who want a gleaming new car without having to make a long-term commitment. That’s why our showroom staff receives so many questions about them from drivers just like yourself who want to lease a new VW sedan, hatchback, or SUV. Here are a couple of questions that they hear all the time from drivers who are interested in a new car but can’t decide between leasing a car or purchasing a new vehicle.

Do VW leases include gap insurance?

VW GAP insurance is a part of what makes our Volkswagen lease deals so appealing to local drivers in Kennesaw, GA. VW credit leases come with VW GAP insurance included, which is a wonderful benefit for drivers near Marietta. While GAP insurance isn’t offered in every lease deal everywhere, you should definitely do a full checkup on the quality of the deal if there’s no GAP insurance. Not offering GAP insurance can be a clear sign that the lease deal is less than ideal.

VW lease gap insurance makes sure you’re able to take home a beautiful new model by protecting the “gap” between what your car insurer has to pay and the actual starting value of your car.

Gap insurance is included with all of our Volkswagen Tiguan lease deals at our do-it-all dealership and our staff is ready to help you get into the car of your dreams today.

Is lease gap insurance worth it?

Most car and automotive industry experts believe that GAP insurance is a valuable thing to have. When you have GAP insurance, you will make payments to pay back the full cost of the car and not be left paying back the extra value out of your own savings.

All of our Volkswagen Jetta lease deals are thoroughly explained in great detail by our showroom professionals and they’ll never pursue a lease deal until you have all the important information clearly laid out in front of you. We’ll never even discuss the parameters of a lease deal until you are absolutely familiar with everything that makes up a lease deal.

How much does VW charge for extra miles on a lease?

The Volkswagen excess mileage charge is 35 cents per mile, which can be up to 25% less than some alternative European auto manufacturers. To avoid racking up a whole bunch of unnecessary charges, do not exceed your lease agreement’s maximum mileage. If you can manage to avoid triggering the VW lease mileage overage charges, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money and retaining the full value of your lease agreement.

Does Volkswagen have a disposition fee?

If you are turning in your Volkswagen lease and aren’t looking to move forward with another VW vehicle, you may incur a disposition fee. This is to cover the cost of taking in your car and hopefully being able to re-release it in a sellable condition at a later date. In many cases, this fee may be waived if you choose to trade your lease in for a new Volkswagen sedan or SUV or if you’re using Volkswagen credit.

Learn about the disposition fee, lease term, APR, principal, down payment, and more here at our dealership near Atlanta. We offer multiple ways to get you into the car of your dreams, including Volkswagen Taos lease deals, which is what has made us a trusted source for everything car-related for so long in this area.

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