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The Volkswagen ID.4 has been all the rage in the automotive industry lately. Given Volkswagen Auto Group's commitment to helping people everywhere drive bigger than themselves, an electric SUV makes a lot of sense. It offers people all the flexibility and space they need in a car that's a lot better for the environment. With their goal of becoming 100% carbon neutral across their production, administration, and vehicle lineup by 2050, this SUV isn't just a step, but a leap in a better direction.

By getting an ID.4 lease, you're helping to get their goal even closer to being a reality, and you're helping yourself by taking advantage of an EV lease unlike any other on the market. If you want to learn more about the wonderful electric SUV itself, pop over to our ID.4 specs page. Otherwise, stay tuned to learn more about getting an ID.4 lease!

Schedule Your ID.4 Test Drive Today!

Our first Volkswagen ID.4 demo vehicle will be here in just a few short weeks! So if you’ve wondered what the ID.4 will look like, how it will drive, and what features it will have, you can check it out for yourself prior to ordering. Contact one of our VW ID.4 specialists to schedule your test drive. We’re filling up our earliest slots now, but don’t worry, we’ll have this demo here for about six months. You’re always welcome to swing by and take an available time slot. Our EV specialists will be on hand to answer any of your questions and assist with orders. We have additional information here on how to pre-order your ID.4 SUV!

How To Reserve Your Lease

So, what is the process for actually obtaining your Volkswagen ID.4 lease? It’s not the usual standard for leasing. Instead of getting stock and waiting for people to come and buy it, all ID.4 SUVs will be ordered for the 2021 year. We have a demo unit available to test drive prior to placing an order for an ID.4 lease! If you’re ready to get an ID.4 lease, call us so we can order this SUV to ensure everyone who wants one gets their hands on one.

When you call us to preorder your ID.4 lease, you’re required to put down a refundable deposit to begin the
reservation process (this is true for whether you want to lease or buy your ID.4). Once your ID.4 has started production, you will need to put down another deposit that is, yet again, refundable. If you cancel your order at any time, you can get the deposit back.

Tracking the Status of Your Lease

Once you’ve contacted us to reserve your ID.4 and put down your deposits, the rest of the process is just as simple! You can track the status of your specific vehicle at the factory as it is being built through your myVW portal. We can tell you more about that when you call. You’ll see when your car leaves the factory, travels across the ocean, arrives on American soil, and finally gets delivered to your dealership here at our dealership. Then, you just have to visit us to finish up the last bit of financing information and review your leasing contract. Most contracts will be for a 36-month term. After you’ve crossed all your Ts and dotted all your Is, you can drive home in your new ID.4!

Benefits of Getting an ID.4 Lease

When you get an ID.4 lease, you get to enjoy the impressive EPA-estimated range and advanced safety systems that the VW ID.4 offers – all for a competitive price. You also gain access to EV- and hybrid-only spots sometimes seen at malls and other shopping centers. Instead of having to get out and go to a gas station to fuel up your car, you can also charge your vehicle from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for a little more info about getting a VW ID.4 lease, or if you still have some questions, we’ll
cover a few of those below. If there’s more you’d like to know, give us a call, and our Volkswagen vehicle leasing
specialists will be glad to let you in on everything we know.

Do all electric vehicles offer a leasing option?

Nope! Not every electric vehicle on the market will be able to offer you a lease option. Not to mention, our ID.4 lease is priced incredibly competitively, so you’ll see that it’s more affordable than many options that do
currently exist. Other electric SUVs can cost much more per month to lease, so you know you’re getting a great deal
with your Volkswagen ID.4 lease!

How much does it cost to lease an ID.4?

If there is a current lease offer that comes directly from the OEM for the ID.4 price, our team can let you know. This number will differ depending on your credit, dealer offers and incentives, and what financing team you work with. For example, our financial specialists are trained in finding competitive offers for everyone who wants to lease with us.

When will I get my new ID.4 after reserving my lease?

After the appropriate amount of ID.4 vehicles has been preordered by a dealer, they are expected to start arriving at dealerships across the nation by Mid-March 2021. However, if you’re thinking about/looking for higher trim levels or additional packages, these aren’t expected to arrive at dealerships until the summer of 2021. And, boy, is it going to be hard to wait!

Get a VW ID.4 Lease Near Atlanta, GA

Getting a VW ID.4 electric SUV is a no-brainer. Getting a VW ID.4 lease should be a no-brainer, too. With our
incredible offers and outstanding service, you’re going to be glad that you visited our dealership in Kennesaw, GA,
to take the leap into green driving and into leasing. Call us to preorder your VW ID.4 lease today!

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