Enhancing Safety And Convenience: Volkswagen Driver Assistance And Safety Features Explained

Volkswagen's Driver Assistance

If you’re looking for a sedan or SUV equipped with reliable features that can make driving easier and help you feel more at ease on the road, read our guide about standard and available VW safety features, including a look at the IQ.DRIVE suite. IQ.DRIVE safety features typically come on select trim levels in a model’s lineup and will give you access to alerts that can help you prevent collisions, scrapes, bumps, and more.

Take a look at the VW safety features in the IQ.DRIVE suite, plus the standard safety features that come on every model, like a tire pressure monitoring system and a rearview camera. Then, book an appointment with our friendly and knowledgeable Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Kennesaw staff to explore the safety features inside some of the top models in our VW inventory.

IQ.DRIVE Features for Enhanced Safety

The available IQ.DRIVE suite of VW safety features comes on higher trim levels in the model lineups. Take advantage of distance-pacing features, alerts, and more. Read our breakdown for each item included in the suite to understand better what you’re getting when you hop inside a model with IQ.DRIVE.

IQ.DRIVE Features for Enhanced Safety

Adaptive Cruise Control

Whether you’re on a wide-open highway or a congested road, Adaptive Cruise Control can help you keep pace with the other cars around you. Built-in sensors help detect the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you and will adjust your speed to keep you within a safe range. By doing so, Adaptive Cruise Control will help you adapt to your environment to keep you at a cruising speed while also giving you room to stop quickly if the car in front of you suddenly halts. This can prevent accidents. Driving smoothly and steadily can also improve your fuel economy.

Active Blind-Spot Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges while driving can be trying to anticipate vehicles in your active blind spots. When you use a VW model with the IQ.DRIVE suite of Volkswagen driver assistance features, you’ll be able to detect those you may not have noticed otherwise. The Blind-Spot Monitoring system on your Volkswagen model can alert you when a vehicle, structure, or other item is hiding in your blind spots, meaning that you can react accordingly.

Rear Traffic Alert

Rear Traffic Alert can help you maintain a safe environment for yourself, pedestrians crossing behind you, and other vehicles peeling out too quickly to notice. Your vehicle can come equipped with a backup camera that chimes to let you know when something or someone is too close for comfort. This system acts like eyes in the back of your vehicle to constantly keep you updated on the activity behind your car while you try to maneuver. Additionally, you can rely on this system to hit the brakes before you notice something amiss if you are getting too close to a foreign object or a person.

Lane Assist

Lane Assist will kick into action after you reach the 35 mph mark and will alert you every time you go over lines on the road and into another lane. Sensors on your vehicle’s sides, front, or rear act as a second pair of eyes that can keep you from swerving into another lane unintentionally and can even automatically adjust your trajectory as needed. This feature is handy in cases where a driver might be distracted or unaware of drifting into another lane when fatigued. Audio alerts will sound, helping you stay securely in your lane and counter-steer to ensure you remain where you belong.

Front Alert

Front Alert is among the most useful of the Volkswagen safety features in the IQ.DRIVE suite. Extra robotic eyes on the front of your vehicle can help keep ever-present attention on everything ahead of you, including other drivers’ habits and any active pedestrians in your path. When a collision seems possible, the Front Alert system can activate automatic braking and help you slow or come to a stop to prevent accidents. Audio and visual alerts will ensure you understand that something needs your attention at high speeds.

Other VW Safety Features

Although not every VW model offers the IQ.DRIVE suite of Volkswagen driver assistance features, there is a selection of VW safety features you can rely on with every model, regardless of trim level, such as tire pressure monitoring and a crisp rearview camera. Other features may also be available, such as Park Assist. While it only exists on some models, it can help you find your way even in difficult parking situations, assisting with parallel parking in particular. Learn more about some of the features you can use in the sections below.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System called TPMS comes standard on current models. Rely on this system to measure how much pressure is in your tires and alert you when your tires need more air. This feature can help you avoid any issues, like flat tires. The system works with sensors on the wheels, which assess when the pressure in the tire has dropped below a normal range. With less air pressure inside a particular wheel, the flatter tire will have more contact with the road, leading to worse fuel efficiency and premature wear. Your tires might also not spin at the same rate, which can also cause issues. With this constant second pair of eyes on your tires, you can feel more confident on long road trips.

Rearview Camera

Every modern vehicle from the factory comes standard with a rearview camera that can enhance how you reverse. You’ll typically get to take advantage of guiding lines on your visual display to help you predict where your car will go if you continue backing up along the current trajectory. This can ensure you don’t bump into anything and make it so you don’t have to crane your neck to see behind you. Some higher trim levels may come with an HD version of the backup camera for a more in-depth view.

View our new inventory to see our most recent models, all of which come standard with a rearview camera to enhance your performance.

Park Assist

Park Assist is a useful feature that can help you parallel park or park perpendicular to other vehicles without worrying about hitting them. The Park Assist feature showcases your intended path on your center touch-screen display and automatically adjusts your vehicle to pull into the best parking position to reach its destination. Sensors on the vehicle help track where the car goes, and you’re always in control of how fast your VW model travels and its braking controls. While this technology may seem too good to be true, it is very real. Test it out for yourself when you stop by Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Kennesaw.

Other VW Safety Features
Explore VW IQ.DRIVE Features at Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Kennesaw Today

Explore VW IQ.DRIVE Features at Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Kennesaw Today

Now that you know what you can get from VW models using IQ.DRIVE – plus all the standard VW safety features included in our lineup – it’s time for a tour. Our team can run through the different vehicles we have available for 2023 to help you find the right option for you. During your test drive, we can demonstrate how to use the IQ.DRIVE VW safety features to make sure they are intuitive and fit your driving style.

For even more modern technology, consider our electric vehicle overview, which can help you learn more about the benefits of snagging an EV model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these driver assistance features standard in all Volkswagen vehicles?

Volkswagen vehicles come with standard driver-assistance features, including a rearview camera for easier parking. However, the Volkswagen suite of driver assistance features, known as IQ.DRIVE, may only be available on some trims. For example, the second trim level in the VW Taos lineup, the SE, includes VW IQ.DRIVE, but the base model doesn’t. Enjoy Adaptive Cruise Control, Travel Assist, blind-spot monitoring, and more with this suite.

Are these driver assistance features only active at certain speeds?

Front Assist offers audio and visual alerts when traveling at higher speeds to alert you if you’re at risk of a collision. Lane Assist gets activated after you hit the 35-mile-an-hour mark and helps you stay in the right lane. Adaptive Cruise Control helps adjust your speed to help keep an appropriate distance from vehicles ahead of you.

Can I turn off or customize these driver assistance features?

Features in the IQ.DRIVE suite of driver assistance can be turned off. However, the feature may turn back on when you start the vehicle again for another drive. Many drivers may opt to turn off some features like Lane Assist if they find it cumbersome when changing lanes. However, this feature should not activate if you have the turn signal on.

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