Volkswagen Oil Change Service In Kennesaw

Hi, it's me! Mr. Piston. Me and some of my best friends live inside your engine and are responsible for supplying you with all that amazing German-engineered performance you love from your Volkswagen vehicle. You might think that my job is monotonous. Staying in the same place all the time and just moving up and down. But it's kinda fun. I feel like an action movie hero with all those combustion explosions in my face every second. What helps me love my job? Genuine VW oil changes! I will keep on rockin' in the free world for ya, so long as you help me help you. Thanks to the VW oil change express lane at Jim Ellis Volkswagen In Kennesaw, you can get in and out pretty fast, so I can continue going up and down even faster.

VW Express Lane Services & More

Speaking of going fast, I wanted to clarify something. Fast doesn't have to mean hasty. C'mon! We're German-engineered vehicles cared for at a factory-trained service center. We're preceise and efficient. What does that mean for you? You save on time and money. When you bring me in for one of those VW oil changes I love so much, you'll enjoy other key services available from the Express Lane program like:

  • Tire Rotations
  • Exterior Bulb Replacements (Headlight, Signals, Position Lights, Brake & Tail Lamps)
  • Cabin Filter Replacements
  • Air Filter Replacements
  • Wiper Blade Replacements
  • Battery Diagnostics, Checks, & Replacements
  • All Carefree Maintenance Intervals1

By this point you are probably thinking two things: 1) How cool it might be to come back as a piston in the next life and 2) How do you make an appointment for service? Guess what? No appointment necessary! Just head on down. They're set up with specialized service bays that are ready to accommodate all of your vehicle's needs.

VW Oil Changes in Kennesaw vs. The Competition

Ok, here's the deal. I love Genuine VW oil changes because those nice technicians use the parts and materials that not only make me feel more at home; they actually work better. Quick story for you. I had a buddy in another engine. We went through the assembly line together. I thought for sure we would end up in the same Volkswagen vehicle, but we didn't (that's another story). Anyway, the owner of the car he ended up in went to one of those corner quick-lube places. They used materials that weren't up to par, and guess what happened? The filter broke down, restricted oil flow, heated up my buddy's cylinder, and his head melted! You think I'm kidding? It's hot inside a cylinder. 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, and that's when things are going smoothly! Sigh. I was so sad. Not to mention the poor driver who soon found out that repairs weren't covered under warranty because of improper servicing. Fortunately, my buddy got fixed up, and his driver, who lives near Atlanta, which I promised not to mention by name, now brings him in to Jim Ellis Volkswagen for reliable VW oil changes. Phew!

VW Oil Changes Only At Jim Ellis VW

Listen, I gotta wrap this up. We're heading out in a minute to go do some shopping, but I wanted to let you know that you get out of your vehicle what you put into your vehicle. Quality matters, and you'll find that at Jim Ellis Volkswagen. Not to mention the fact that they've won tons of awards for their customer service. They even have oil change coupons, parts coupons, and service specials that help you save even more. Ok. Quick. I gotta run. VW Car-Net just kicked on, and we're about to get going. This is Mr. Piston, signing off. See ya on the next one!Schedule oil change

1For 2009-2013 models only, the Volkswagen Carefree Maintenance Program (the "Program") covers the vehicle's scheduled maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first, during the term of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty at no additional charge. For 2014 models only the Program covers the vehicle's scheduled maintenance for two years or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first. For 2015 models only, the Program covers the vehicle's first scheduled maintenance for one year or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Some restrictions apply. See dealer or vehicle maintenance program booklet for details.



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