Please note: while we try to keep this information updated, it is subject to change. The written documentation that you receive in your WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned VW Owner's packet will supersede any of the information included here. Make sure to also check out our post about everything about a Volkswagen certified pre-owned warranty for more details.
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What does a "WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned" VW mean?

WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagens have undergone a rigorous 112-point inspection at your dealership.  Because they are Certified, they come with a deductible-free 2-year, 24,000 mile Limited Warranty, a 24-hour roadside assistance, a subscription to Driver Magazine, plus 3 months of free SIRIUS radio if your VW is satellite radio equipped.

Volkswagen's WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned program has been named the best Certified Pre-Owned Program 6 years in a row by IntelliChoice®, Inc. among 32 manufacturer programs. (See for additional details, explanation of results and program updates)

What are the benefits of owning a WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned VW?

Owners of a WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen receive the following:
  • A complete detailed listing of the detailed inspection, as well as details regarding any recall work that may have been performed
  • 2-year / 24,000 mile CPL Limited Warranty with no deductible
  • Optional Protection Plus Extended Warranty
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
  • 3-month subscription to Sirius radio (if your Preloved VW is Satellite radio equipped)
  • CarFax Vehicle history report
  • Subscription to Dealer Magazine
What is included in the 2-year / 24,000-mile WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty

The Limited Warranty that comes with the WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen of your choice is good for 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.  This is a real warranty, not a maintenance contract. This means that protection covers the vehicle, and you won't be charged for any repair or service deemed necessary because of a broken or malfunctioning part covered by the warranty.  And there's no deductible. 

The 2-year / 24,000 mile basic warranty begins when the new vehicle limited warranty expires or upon the sales date of the WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned VW vehicle (whichever occurs later). The 2-year Roadside Assistance program begins at the same time as the warranty.

What's covered:
  • Engine
  • Steering
  • Front and rear axles
  • Manual transmission
  • Electrical power supply
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • ABS brakes
  • Electrical systems
  • Torque converter
  • Differential
  • Material or manufacturing defects (but not normal wear-and-tear, or damage to the appearance of the vehicle, tires or exhaust system). 
Includes the balance of the limited powertrain warranty, which is transferable along with any remaining limited warranty against perforation due to corrosion (balance of new vehicle warranty). Repairs covered by the warranty can be done at any licensed VW dealer.

Naturally, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, alterations made after the sale, accidental damages, or regular routine maintenance (like oil changes).
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What isn't included in the WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty?

The WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned VW limited warranty does not cover:
  • Appearance, glass parts or fabric trim
  • Fees for parts and services incurred during regular maintenance
  • Replacement of filters, oil, lubricants or fluids (unless their replacement is included in the guaranteed service of a covered component)
  • Wheel alignment and balancing, brake and clutch adjustments, or any mechanical adjustment necessary due to normal wear and tear
  • Parts for normal wear and tear (Including, but not limited to, replacement of the clutch lining, plates, trim, brake pads and drums, timing belts, spark plugs, dust and pollen filter, clutch plate, ignition cable, distributor cap and rotor, points of ignition, automatic transmission oil filter, struts, shocks, strut bearings, batteries, exhaust systems, windshield wipers or blades, incandescent bulbs, fuses, worn seat covers, removable Cabrio top or any other worn upholstery or trim element due to normal wear and tear or deterioration; cleaning of cassette player heads and replacement of worn belts, hoses and scuff bands due to normal wear and tear.)
  • Tires (they may be covered separately by the tire manufacturer) and exhaust system
  • Installation equipment for the EuroVan Winnebago or any other non-authentic VW part
  • Cash allowance for a loan vehicle
  • Vehicles sold for commercial use (taxi, courier, limousine, etc.)
  • Damage due to a lack of maintenance, improper use or modifications
  • Damage due to improper repairs, the installation of equipment, accidents or fire
  • Damages caused by the environment
  • Maintenance service costs
  • Incidental or indirect damages, including loss of value to the vehicle, lost profits or gains, and expenses incurred for replacement transportation or lodging

What is included in the WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty?

Cross Country Automotive Services provides Volkswagen's 24-hour Roadside Assistance free of charge with the Volkswagen limited warranty. It begins at the same time as the warranty, and is good for 2 years and unlimited miles.  You'll receive your Roadside Assistance kit within two to four weeks of the delivery of your WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.

24/7 Roadside Assistance includes:
  • Tows to the nearest licensed Volkswagen dealer
  • Boosts
  • Flat tire changes
  • Unlocking your door (should you accidentally leave your keys inside - hey, it happens to the best of us)
  • Gas delivery
  • Emergency repairs
All you need to get your assistance is the following information:
  • Your vehicle's identification number
  • Your vehicle's year, model, color and license plate number
  • The area code where you're calling from
  • The exact location of the vehicle (street address and nearest intersection)
  • The type of service required and a brief description of the problem
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What are the points inspected on the WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagens that are marked Certified?

Prior to Certification Inspection

Not all used Volkswagens meet the criteria for certification. When a used VW is brought on the lot, your Volkswagen dealer must survey the overall age and condition of the vehicle. 

In order to qualify for the inspection, the used VW must:
  • Be no older than the current or previous five (5) model years
  • Have less than 75,000 miles (120,000 km)
  • Be six (6) months or more from the original (new car) delivery date, or have at least 6,000 miles (10,000 km)
  • Have a clean CarFax vehicle history report
If the Volkswagen meets the above criteria, then the dealer must determine whether the interior and exterior state of this vehicle would qualify it for the showroom floor, or the "front line" on the dealer's lot. If it would not be worthy of such a spotlight, then the vehicle is not a candidate for certification.

Maintenance and Campaigns

The Volkswagen technician will then review the maintenance history on the vehicle, via the dealership computer, or documentation provided with the car. From that information, they will determine whether any maintenance is currently due on the vehicle. If so, then they will perform the most comprehensive missed maintenance process prior to proceeding with the certification. 

While checking the Warranty and Maintenance history of the vehicle, the technician will check for the following obvious reasons to remove the vehicle from the certification program:
  • Was the vehicle ever reported totaled?
  • Is there any structural damage to the vehicle?
  • Does the vehicle show signs of flood damage?
  • Is the mileage showing on the odometer different from the actual vehicle mileage?
  • Is there a discrepancy in the VIN plate and the other VINs on the vehicle and paperwork?
If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then the vehicle does not qualify. The vehicle history file is updated as appropriate, and in most cases, the vehicle will not be sold on the lot.

If the answer to all of these questions is "no", then the Volkswagen technician will also ensure that there are no open campaigns (recalls) on the vehicle, and if there are, those will also be performed prior to certification.

Certification Interior Inspection Points

The VW technician will then perform the following tests and visual checks on the inside of the Volkswagen:
  • Test all keys and any remote open/close function on doors
  • Test steering wheel adjustments and lock
  • Test doors and handles for function and feel
  • Test warning chimes for function
  • Test window switches and the regulator switch
  • Check console for damage
  • Check side and back windows for chips, cracks or damage
  • Check windshield for chips, cracks or damage
  • Test seats and headrests for function and damage
  • Test seat heaters
  • Test seat belts and seat belt retractors for function and wear
  • Test air bags for function or damage. (Note, check and verify that the safety systems of this vehicle have not been disabled. If they have, then they must be restored to original (when new) configuration for this vehicle, prior to re-sale.)
  • Test mirrors for function and check them for damage
  • Test clock and assure set to the right time
  • Check function, light and lock on glove box and ashtray
  • Check to see if instrument lights are functional
  • Test sunroof for function and ensure seals are intact
  • Test Lighter / 12V outlets to ensure they are functional
  • Test Dome, Map, and Visor Lights for function
  • Test Door locks and child safety locks for function
  • Test alarm system for function
  • Check upholstery for visible wear or damage
  • Check carpet / floor mats and trunk for visible damage or wear
  • Check door panels, and  fuel / trunk release for visual damage
  • Check headliner, and sun visors for damage
  • Check ignition switch for damage, then turn ignition switch on to check for all IP Warning lights. Perform full analysis of all computer-controlled onboard systems.
  • Check readiness code
  • Check level and condition of ATF fluid (in accordance with model-specific workshop procedures)
Certification Road Test

Behind the wheel, the Volkswagen technician will then perform the following tests:
  • Record mileage / kilometers on odometer at start of road test
  • Test engine for starting, performance, listening for idle and knocking, vibration or valve noise
  • Test Automatic transmission (including shift lock) for performance, slippage, noise, shift points, down shift
  • Test Manual transmission for performance, shifting and noise
  • Test the differential for noise
  • Test the clutch for operation, slippage, performance
  • Test steering for noise, effort, vibration, pulling
  • Check for visual steering wheel alignment
  • Test suspension for function, feel and noise
  • Test brakes, (and ABS) for function, feel and noise
  • Test parking brake
  • Test A/C System and defroster to ensure that they are functional, and are not noisy
  • Test heater for operation or excess noise
  • Test speedometer for function and noise
  • Test horn for function (but noise is good!)
  • Test radio and antenna for function and to ensure pre-sets work
  • Test CD / Cassette and Navigation for function
  • Test speakers for noise or vibration
  • Test wipers and washers (Front and rear) for function, and to ensure that the washer fluid jets are aimed properly
  • Test cruise control
  • Listen for wind noise, squeaks, rattles, wheel bearing or exhaust noises
  • Test engine at a hot start and idle
  • At end of road test, record mileage on the odometer
Certification After Road Test

After the VW technician turns off the engine, he or she will check the following:
  • Check cooling system for leaks, hoses, radiator pumps
  • Check coolant levels
  • Test antifreeze content
  • Test battery and charging system for function and condition
  • Check the condition of battery cables and clamps
  • Check the condition of ignition wires
  • Check the wire routing and connections in the electrical system
  • Check the V-belts and air filter to ensure they are not loose, and are in good condition
  • Check the AC compressor and clutch for function and noise
  • Check the cooling fan for function or noise
  • Check the fluid level and condition of the fluid in the washer reservoir
  • Check the level and condition of engine oil
  • Check power steering fluid level
  • Check brake fluid level in the brake reservoir and master cylinder
  • Check the fuel system for leaks, proper fittings and the fuel filter
 Certification Exterior Inspection

The technician will then review the exterior of the Volkswagen. He or she will ensure that any dings, dents and scratches to body, bumper or wheels, which detract from the "front line" appearance of the vehicle are professionally repaired, and that all body trim is intact and damage free.
  • Check turn signals for damage and ensure proper operation
  • Check emergency flashers for operation
  • Check antenna mast for condition
  • Check headlights to ensure there are no broken lenses
  • Test the headlights to ensure that both high and low beam lights function
  • Check fog lights for broken lenses and proper operation
  • Check tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights and license plate lights for broken lenses, and to ensure that all are operational
  • Check high-mount brake light for functionality
  • Check trunk, rear hatch, trim and roof rack to ensure they look right, feel right and are properly lighted
  • Check the spare tire, jack and tool kit to ensure that the kit has not suffered any damage and to check the spare tire pressure
  • Check the cabrio top for condition and function
Certification Underbody Inspection

The technician will then put the Volkswagen on the rack and check the following from beneath the car:
  • Verify that all four wheels are matching, and free from any damage
  • Check and record the depth of tread on all four tires (minimum 4/32)
  • Check for unusual tire wear
  • Check wheel covers for damage and ensure all 4 are there
  • Check transmission for oil leaks or worn mounts
  • Check CV joint boots for wearing or leaks
  • Check axles and suspension for damage
  • Check control arms, bushings, etc for damage
  • Check engine for leaks and check engine mounts
  • Check shocks, struts, and springs for leaks, damage or weakness
  • Check brake system for damage or leaks
  • Measure brake pad lining to ensure that at least 50% remain
  • Measure brake rotors and calipers, check for leaks and ensure up to specifications
  • Check exhaust for leaks, alignment, damage or wear
  • Check steering rack, pump, for leaks or noise
  • Check hoses for damage or leaks
  • Check hydraulic pump for leaks or noise
  • Check underbody for other damage or leaks
Final Certification Steps

The Volkswagen dealer will then verify the following to complete the inspection:
  • Any and all non-original equipment is either replaced or disclosed and specifically excluded from warranty coverage on the sales invoice
  • All original equipment on the vehicle you are inspecting, which is not specifically called out herein is inspected and is verified to be in good working condition
  • Owner's manual and other owner materials are with the vehicle
  • All keys are with the vehicle (including all keyless entry transmitters, as appropriate) and are functional
  • If equipped with CD changer or navigation system, verify the CD magazine and CDs are with the vehicle
  • Vehicle maintenance is up to date and the maintenance record is complete
  • Minor paint/ body reconditioning has been satisfactorily completed
  • Vehicle is detailed - front-line ready
  • At time of sale the bill of sale needs to indicate "VW Certified Pre-Owned" with the customer's signature
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