Fall offers a beautiful opportunity to experience cooler weather while watching the leaves change color—when we’re not watching football anyways—and one of the best ways to do this is by going on a weekend camping trip. One great place to pitch your tent for a little weekend getaway is Stone Mountain.

Stone Mountain has the perfect set up for a weekend trip. Beyond the iconic Stone Mountain itself, the park offers a plethora of hiking trails, lodging, and all the other amenities you would expect out of such a wonderful escape from the city life. You can leave on Sunday refreshed and like you had a fulfilling trip.

While this would be a fantastic trip regardless of the vehicle, there is something about tackling this adventure in a Volkswagen Tiguan that makes it that much better for you and the other four in your camping crew. It has the capability and fuel efficiency to get you there and back with less time at the gas pump, in a comfortable ride with large windows and available leather-upholstered seats, and an infotainment system that can blast your road trip playlist there and back, just to name a few perks. To see what we mean, stop by our dealership for a test drive today. For more information on the adventure potential in the Volkswagen Tiguan, please feel free to contact us directly here on our website or over the phone during normal business hours.

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