If you are like me you practically live in your vehicle! It doesn't take much for things to get a little out of hand. Here are 3 of my favorite ideas that you can easily find at the Dollar Store!

1. Drop a few smell good wax cubes in a jar, and screw on a top with holes. Place it in
   your cup holder. When your car  heats up from the summer sun, the wax melts and you
  have an instant air freshener!
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2. If you travel with kids you will appreciate this idea. Organize your "eat on the go" happy
   meals using a shower caddy! This idea has prevented a few major meltdowns and kept 
   french fries and juice boxes off of my floor boards! 
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3.  Grab a pack of gift bags and a 3M plastic hook for all those snack wrappers and empty water
     bottles. If you have a big enough space the 3M hook is also a great idea to use as a purse 
     hanger. We've all had one of those "slam on the brakes" moments when the purse goes flying
     in the floor board spilling everything you own! 
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