June, 2017 was a great month for Volkswagen, as a brand. It sold 512,700 vehicles, worldwide. This marks an increase of four percent compared to June 2016 global sales. China, South America, and the United States are among the countries that are contributing most to the automaker’s considerable sales growth.

Volkswagen also has rebranded itself, changing it’s slogan to simply, “Volkswagen”. It is very possible that this more simple, direct marketing is working its magic with today’s car-buyers. If that weren’t enough, the auto giant has been working on recreating current model nameplates, like the Tiguan, and adding new models, like the Atlas SUV, which has also sold well.

The Atlas Goes Where You Need it to, Under Any Circumstances

Volkswagen has always had a strong presence in America, but more recently, it has really been making an effort to simplify, strategize, and innovate. This has, not surprisingly, led to the unveiling of new models, like the Atlas, which opened up Volkswagen to a new segment of customers, entirely.

US Deliveries weighed in at a considerable 27,400 units, which is a 15% increase over last year. South American customers ordered 21.5% more vehicles – a total of 34,800 cars, trucks, and SUVs. China was responsible for ordering a whopping 232,400 vehicles in June, with the area of Magotan making up 18,300 of that number, representing a 62.7% increase in sales!

What the Increased Sales Reflect

Volkswagen’s increased sales are reflective of the quality automobiles they’ve been making recently, their successful rebranding effort, and smart business strategy. But most of all, their increased sales show a car company that cares about continual innovation, growth, and simplification. If you want to be a part of these noble aims by purchasing or leasing a new Volkswagen, please call us at (855) 226-0309.